We design, develop and scale digital businesses into successful companies

the secret sauce

We have brought under a single umbrella everything needed to build a digital company, so whatever extra competence you need, we have it.

Working with us is like being able to quickly hire an entire team of field experts fully dedicated to build the next big digital company.



We source pains and opportunities to come up with the best ideas.


Business modelling

We translate our ideas into meaningful business models.


Business validation

We run many different experiences to (in)validate our assumptions.



We build a minimal viable product, the strict minimum to acquire the first customers.



We create the legal company, raise money, and build all necessary pillars for its success.



We grow the company thanks to our network and know how.

Increase chance of success

We focus on a few projects with the right combination of creativity, experience, know how and business connections.

Found your company with an entire team of serial entrepreneurism field experts, supported by their companies, client and users.

Validated & de-risked startups

We provide the appropriate expertise, methodology and people throughout the first years of an early stage startup.

Take better decisions, avoid common mistakes and benefit from a strong complementary team.


We finance the early developments directly and the future financing rounds through our privileged network of investors.

Save a lot of time to focus on your business.

Unique ecosystem

We focus on projects with strong and real synergies with our partner companies, their users and their clients, directly activable.

Access to a strong business network and privileged connexions to accelerate your growth.

Hands-on approach

We support you on a daily basis with everything you need. Strategy, sales, product development, recruitment, etc.

Leverage our resources and expertise to build better and faster.

they have launched

The portfolio of live companies

the guys behind

We are a team of passionate digital entrepreneurs with a strong track record of building successful companies and leading large international projects.

Nicolas Rattaz

Managing partner

Joann Dobler

Managing partner

Stéphane Grivat


Pascal Meyer


Fabio Monte


Jérôme Neuvéglise

E-commerce guru

Matthieu Harbich

Business driver

Bryan Cornelius

Business driver

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We are constantly meeting enthusiastic  people with amazing digital projects, no matter which stage you are at, our door is always open.

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our dear friends…

One of our core strength. They are amplifying everything we do, benefiting each project directly.